On this page you can download file which you can download on google drive and mediafire. the file I have contained in the zip file later you can extract itself in a folder, the file contains the rom file, USB driver and software tools for drivers please you choose according to your computer. to install the file in zip file also have tuotrial step by step along with picture .OK just download one file below if bigger file you can choose part file, if file has been deleted you can choose another server. There is no possibility of network errors in the files.

Download Files

Download File And Instruction.zip

Download File And Instruction.zip server 2

Download File And Instruction.zip part 1

Download File And Instruction.zip part 2

Download File And Instruction.zip part 3

How to Use File Zip above

Step 1: Download and extract the above file.zip on your computer.

Step 2: After extracting , you will find the software, Driver , and any file what are you looking for and the instruction manual.

Step 3: Install the Provided USB Driver on your computer (skip if drivers are already installed).

Step 4: Follow the instruction manual to nex step.

Follow Detailed Instructions with Pictures

Important Notes: [*] In the event that there is harm in an android framework will erase every one of the records in the inside memory. all will be reestablished and in an organization like you purchased another telephone/tablet. record records of photograph reports and other profitable documents will be lost in the inner memory. Reinforcement your vital documents on SD Card or your PC. Additionally critical is to go down the first firmware record when you purchase another cell phone in the event that you can go down the rom stock through recuperation. extremely berungtung if your cell phone as of now get recuperation from engineer if not there you need to introduce recuperation physically. thanks for reading article

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